Vicky Bakes… Drizzle Cake

Bake Off Bake Along – Week One   I have been waiting eagerly for the bake off to return all summer… Finally it is here! I finally feel like I can enjoy making and eating cakes and all manner of treats without feeling too guilty about it. I’m pretty sure G, the significant other in my life is also looking forward to the next 10 or so weeks as chief taster/Guinea pig!

Week one, was once again cake week, with the contestants producing an array of interesting drizzle cakes, Jaffa cakes and mirror glazes. I already have a few favourites who I can’t wait to watch over the next few weeks, namely Salisi, Benjamina and Andrew. I spent the majority of the technical challenge wondering if any of the contestants have ever even eaten a Jaffa cake – knowing full well that if I was in the same situation I would probably have been in such a panic that I wouldn’t remember what a Jaffa cake looked like either.

I am joining in the #bakeoffbakealong this year… And hoping to make it to the end of the series completing a challenge every week. Last year I trailed off towards the end of the series, and couldn’t seem to find the time to bake in between starting a new job, and training for a half marathon.

This year I have resolved to find more time to do the things I enjoy crafts, photography and expanding my baking knowledge – which you can read about in this blog.  This week I am taking on the signature bake and creating a mojito drizzle cake. There is nothing better than sitting out in the sun on a bank holiday with an ice cold mojito in hand. The mix of deep rum, mint and sharp lime is a flavour that I could drink all day long – if it didn’t make me fall over after drinking more than a couple of them, and a combination I definitely wanted to try in a drizzle cake.

Following Mary Barry’s classic lemon drizzle cake recipe and substituting lemons for lime and mint and drizzling with a syrup of dark spiced rum, sugar and lime juice.  I also used a small amount of lemon zest for decoration as I had used the majority of the 2 limes zest in the mix before I thought about using it on top of the cake as well. Add in a few mint leaves plucked from the plant in our back garden to finish it off and there you have it, one mojito drizzle cake.



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