Vicky Bakes …Viennese Whirls!


Bake off week 2 brought us some disasters in the tent and I for one thought Val was a goner! I find myself getting so drawn into the challenges I was literally gasping at the television when Louise’s Church collapsed. After all the drama, I definitely did not want to do the Gingerbread sculpture and I wasn’t overly keen on iced biscuits either, so decided to attempt the technical challenge – Viennese Whirls.

I know from previous experience that my piping skills need some practice and this definitely felt it added to the difficulty of the challenge. I wanted to make chocolate Viennese whirls as I’ve eaten a chocolate flavour one… I then spent a couple of hours deliberating whether to do a chocolate and peanut butter flavour or black forest whirl. In the end I went for the black forest – I think in reflection the chocolate and peanut butter might have been a bit sickly – but I might just give it a go another time when I’m craving something ridiculously rich.

I learnt a few things whilst making these biscuits; It helps to have an assistant, trying to pipe onto greaseproof when the mixture is still quite stiff is tricky enough, without the paper sliding around as well. I managed to pipe all of my whirls the wrong way round, from the inside out, rather than outside in. Only once i had piped all the mixture I realised it would have been better to pipe the other way and get a nice tip in the centre of the biscuit.

Overall I am quite happy with my bake, I think they could maybe have done with a bit longer in the oven, but it is always hard to tell with chocolate biscuits whether they’re done or not. I was just happy that none of them broke whilst I was spreading jam and buttercream on as well. The biscuit was pretty buttery and melted in the mouth. My piping could definitely be improved so I’ll be keeping my eyes out for another challenge during the #BakeOffBakeAlong to practice my skills.

Last year’s bread week was an absolute nightmare for me, and just thinking about the bread I made makes me feel a little bit queasy. I’m looking forward to giving bread another chance later this week!



8 thoughts on “Vicky Bakes …Viennese Whirls!

    • vickymcq says:

      I have to confess to using shop bought cherry jam… It’s rare that I use jam for anything other than baking and i’ve never made jam before – I figured a Sunday evening was not the best time to learn.


  1. maytooctober says:

    I am now inspired to attempt Nutella and peanut butter vienesse whirls, might be less of a sugar overload. These sound and look scrummy! I am dreading bread week, it’s not something I’m overly practiced with 😐


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