Vicky Bakes … Lace Pancakes

A new theme for week 4 of the Great British Bake off – Batter week, and like a lot of people on social media I was a little uninspired.

As a proud Yorkshire lass, I think the only thing Yorkshire puddings should be filled with is lashings of gravy, and served with a Sunday dinner. I like to think of myself as pretty good at Yorkshires, I can only remember one occasion, when I was about 12 and probably the first time I’d ever tried to make Yorkshire puddings on my own, that they came out like biscuits. I can pretty much guarantee a rise from my Yorkshires, although never uniformly.1599336_340463946094707_2047322137_n

I decided against doing the signature as my challenge this week although I did make Yorkshire puddings to go along the Sunday dinner I had been craving since watching the bake off on Wednesday evening. The first roast me & G have had in the house since moving in together nearly 6 months ago. I was obviously a bit rusty as they didn’t rise quite as well as they have done in the past, and seemed to puff outwards rather than up. Unfortunately these didn’t last long enough for me to get a picture. We also don’t have a fryer so that narrowed my choice of challenge to the technical…

Never again will I attempt to make lace pancakes, these were so fiddly and I don’t think I managed to get even two looking remotely similar. The first problem was getting a thick enough batter, the second getting control of a squeezy bottle. I failed both of these… I put the mixture, which turned out to be too runny, into an old Mayo bottle with a squirty lid, which then came out as a big blob and I struggled to control the amount coming out of the bottle. For the second pancake I transferred all the mix to a piping bag, thinking that if I cut a smaller hole in the bottom I would be able to control it more. I was wrong. It is impossible to hold a piping bag, with incredibly runny batter in one hand, while trying to flip a flimsy pancake with your left hand …. Luckily I had my trusty kitchen sidekick to give me a hand.

Watching on Wednesday I thought the technical looked like one of the easiest I’ve seen on the bake off – when I had a go I think I would have definitely been at risk of leaving the tent after that challenge.


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