Vicky Bakes …Bakewell Tart

This week has turned out to be somewhat of a bumper bake off week, not only did I attempt the bake off challenge over the weekend, I also had a Macmillan coffee morning at work to prepare a selection of goodies for. I could have combined the two, but I did feel that taking something half eaten into the office for everyone else to try was a little bit tight. 

As so often happens when watching the Great British Bake Off, I see the challenge, and the pretty pictures of the bakers ideas and then their baked creations, and think to myself “ooo I’m definitely going to make that this week”. Then 10 minutes later when the next challenge is revealed I change my mind and say “no, I’ve changed my mind I’m definitely going to try making that one” and so continues throughout the whole program. This week, waiting for them to reveal the technical challenge I said to G “I hope it’s Bakewell tarts, I love Bakewell Tarts” and then two seconds later it was announced it was going to be Bakewells – I literally whooped with excitement! No surprises as to what I made this week….


I followed Mary’s recipe and I was pretty happy with the result… Although I did perhaps roll the pastry a little too thin and I got a few cracks and breaks when I added the icing. The recipe makes a family sized tart and I think next time I would be tempted to halve it and make smaller individual tarts. The smell of almonds and the frangipane baking was absolutely divine and that alone is reason enough for me to bake this again. G loved this and has requested for me to make him a birthday bakewell tart, a christmas bakewell tart… basically any occasion he could think of – he would like a bakewell tart for it.



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